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About Esposure

Esposure by Geekletes is a proprietary esports platform developed by and for the competitive gaming community.
Esposure is your pathway to learn and earn while navigating your way to unlimited opportunities in the explosive esports industry.
Whether you are an amateur gamer looking to grind your competitive edge, a student interested in an esports career, or an entrepreneur looking to increase their earnings potential – ESPOSURE has a simple learn-and-earn model for you!
Join our program and follow our proven pathway to success. It simple:


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Esports Masterclass
Provides you with unprecedented insight from top experts on the best practices for Esports and other core skills such as computer science, technology, critical thinking, mathematics, and engineering.
Esports Enrichment Program
Offers an academic curriculum delivered as an after-school or summer program for Esports curious students, schools and/or private organizations.
Esports Association Strives to inform and guide your Esports journey from casual gamer to professional player.


Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP)
Makes gaming work for you by presenting an opportunity to market Esposure to Individuals and Institutions. Our simple tiered pricing structure is easy to understand and allows you to immediately realize your income potential. Our solution-driven platform allows you to quickly capitalize on the fast-growing world of Esports. Get AMP’d with our program TODAY!


In Esports, Branding is EVERYTHING!
Our proprietary platform allows you to build a secured EPK (electronic press kit) to showcase your Esports skills and accomplishments. You will receive your own web url that you can use to market your Brand and you control the content.


Our proprietary platform allows you create your own Esports group enabled with chat and video capabilities. Your Esposure membership allows you to stay connected with your Esports network in using either private or public groups.

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Where Esports and Community Meet

Esposure is proud of our commitment to the authenticity of competitive gaming that exists and thrives at the grassroots level. Our community continues to grow and expand as esports grows right alongside us in both revenue and reach. And we are forever humbled by the grind and love for gaming that existed in the ‘original’ esports arenas – the community LANs - aka Our Basements!

Esposure was created to remind us all of how connected we are as a community and to ensure that we do not lose sight of our grassroots success. Mainstream acceptance will not change us – we will accept the challenge to change mainstream! Growing up esports was life-defining for most gamers and the right-of-passage was being a part of the community. The new right-of-passage is being a part of the Esposure community where we can learn and earn together!

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