Posting on Jun 23, 2021 12:00

Executive Director of Esposure4All

“This initiative with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department is truly just the beginning. Esposure4All is here to open doors and empower youth to see opportunities in the emerging world of esports,” Brittney Seals, Executive Director of #Esposure4All #Esports is an industry that has opportunities for anyone. It is an industry of passion, drive, creativity, and culture. We want to share these opportunities with our community and spread the passion we have for #gaming world. This joint event with the McFadden Ranch and our charitable foundation Esposure4All served as the perfect chance to spread awareness about the esports industry. The Esposure4All Esports Learning Center will be a platform for empowering youth and will educate them on the different career paths esports offers. We are excited to continue on engaging with the community in impactful ways that show the positive benefits of esports.